irene and the staff of life

Irene's long gone, but her crippling effects made quite an impression on the East Coast this past weekend.  For some people it meant good surf or more time to putz around in the kitchen.  For others it meant great loss.  My thoughts are with the latter and I pray that as they piece their homes and lives back together, they will eventually bear some semblance of that which was. Read more »

chipotle quinoa and shrimp

If quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) isn't already part of your diet, it's time to get acquainted. "(Insert your name here), meet quinoa. Quinoa, meet (insert your name here)." Quinoa is a grain-like seed that traces its roots back to Incan times. Read more »

whole wheat pumpkin pancakes

We might be at the end of pumpkin season, but I had to squeeze in this post...  These pancakes are absolutely divine, easy to make, and basically very nutritious.  Okay, they'd definitely be healthier without the candied walnut topping, but this is what I call a "special occasion" or "weekend breakfast" - something you're not going to be eating Monday through Friday.  Joe discovered a pumpkin pancake recipe in his Men's Health magazine, ripped it out, and casually left the page somewhere it would be discovered...   Translation:   "Please make this for me!"  Anything for him.  So, I worked with the recipe and did my own take on it.  Let me know what you think! Read more »

leslie’s anniversary bread

I couldn't think of any better recipe to christen my blog with than our weekly breakfast staple, Leslie's Annviersary Bread.  I received this recipe from my running buddy, Leslie, hence the namesake.  We became fast friends when I joined a local running club and realized that we both shared a mutual obsession with food, cooking, and health in general.  We were both training for our first half marathon and spent the majority of our runs chatting back and forth about what we had cooked the night before or over the weekend, hearts pounding as we hit the pavement and mouths salivating as the ingredients were listed. Read more »