irene and the staff of life

Irene's long gone, but her crippling effects made quite an impression on the East Coast this past weekend.  For some people it meant good surf or more time to putz around in the kitchen.  For others it meant great loss.  My thoughts are with the latter and I pray that as they piece their homes and lives back together, they will eventually bear some semblance of that which was. Read more »

fiesta corn dip

I suspect that, similar to myself, many of you draw a blank after volunteering to bring an appetizer to a party.  It's not like you don't have plenty of winners in your recipe arsenal.  It's just that the onus of sizing up your crowd, determining how much time you're going to have to get your act together on that particular day, and what price point is in your budget can leave you scratching your head.  Today, I offer you a quick and budget-friendly crowd-pleasing app for your recipe piggy bank. Read more »


How goes it my friends?  Or, to some of you out there, frienemies?  I kid! I kid!  A couple of friends voiced passionate complaints about my Sweet Pea and Basil Soup post last month.  According to them, it was simply absurd that I would even consider posting a soup recipe in the middle of our sweltering summer.  To boot, it was a pea soup, which apparently brought back dark childhood memories of mom's swamp-green version and times of not-so-good cooking.  One of these friends suggested, "Hey, if you're going to post soup in the summer, how about some gazpacho?"  Ask (or gang up on me) and ye shall receive, my beloveds. Read more »

bluefin tuna: an endangered delicacy

Sometimes opportunity knocks (in this case rings) and, when it does, it's usually wise to answer the door and greet that opportunity with open arms - even when you're utterly exhausted and it flubs your original "plan." Read more »