blackened salmon & pineapple salsa

I am on the cusp of my Argentine escapade and disappointingly, my pre-trip M.O. remains the same for better or worse:  not a damn thing is packed and I have a laundry list of chores that must get done before leaving.  On the bright side of things, I will be chillin' with a glass of wine and gazing at acres upon acres of grapes exactly one week from now!  That vision alone is enough to get me through the chaos of the next few days.. Read more »

soup’s on!

Happy President's Day!  I hope everyone's been enjoying the long weekend as much as I have...  Free time is something I - like most people - truly cherish.  It gives you the opportunity to "catch up" on all of the things that you want to do (or do more of), but never seem to find as much time for as you would like - work around the house, a longer workout, grocery shopping, seeing family and friends, etc...  Joe and I have been able to do a little of each this weekend and it's been extraordinarily gratifying.  Can we arrange for the 8-day week?  I swear if I had one more day, I'd be able to accomplish everything I always hope to... Read more »

this valentine’s day, i heart my family

I was flipping through Ina's latest cookbook, How Easy Is That?, in search of a snack enticing enough for my (basically) un-health conscious family, but healthy enough to meet my standards for our annual winter family get together / food fest.  Every winter for the past ten years or so, my family and I pack up the car and take a trip to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins in New England for a weekend of catching up, cooking old family favorites, overindulging, and drinking good wine.  They in turn make the trip down to Jersey every August for a similar event hosted at my parent's house.  Food is the main feature of both weekends, but if you dig a little deeper, you'll realize that the food is providing much more than caloric sustenance to this crew. Read more »

chipotle quinoa and shrimp

If quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) isn't already part of your diet, it's time to get acquainted. "(Insert your name here), meet quinoa. Quinoa, meet (insert your name here)." Quinoa is a grain-like seed that traces its roots back to Incan times. Read more »