burger buddies

DSC_0076-1-2Super Bowl : Winter :: Fourth of July : Summer.

At least that’s how it goes in my mind.  There’s still plenty of winter left, but this weekend always feels like the pinnacle of the season.  And, in celebration of the testosterone and Sports Center filled weekend ahead (ugh…I can hardly wait), I dedicate this recipe and a pint of beer to all of you and my husband who will be screaming at the TV all Sunday night long.  [Tom Brady can’t hear you, honey…] Read more »


pork fried (cauli) rice

DSC_0920-1Happy New Year!  The last few weeks I’ve been MIA due to the holidays, a blizzard, tending to a sick kiddo and, finally, attempting to get back in the swing of things in 2018.  I sometimes think I prefer the excitement of an unpredictable day or week… until there have been weeks of it.  Read more »


eggnog french toast: a christmas brunch tradition

DSC_0653-1The excitement of Christmas has almost hit a boiling point and, with two days to go, I actually feel like I’m in pretty good shape.  My week was filled with plenty of holiday hustle and bustle:  Read more »


linzer cookies

There seems to be a holiday for every type of food nowadays and December 18th is no exception.  Apparently it is #bakecookies day…   So, I celebrate this occasion with you today, but shouldn’t every day in December be a cookie baking day?  Cold weather… hot ovens… sweet smells.  It’s simply the best time of year! Read more »

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