pork fried (cauli) rice

Happy New Year!  The last few weeks I’ve been MIA due to the holidays, a blizzard, tending to a sick kiddo and, finally, attempting to get back in the swing of things in 2018.  I sometimes think I prefer the excitement of an unpredictable day or week… until there have been weeks of it.  Read more »

broccoli rabe + sausage pizza

It’s my favorite night of the week and it ain’t called FRI-YAY for nothing!  It means hanging out with the fam, decompression from the weekly grind, a little bit of wine, and a few slices of pizza.  Read more »

rigatoni + pork ragu

I hear we may be getting snow in the northeast this weekend… And, if you were to peek into my kitchen on a blustery December or January Saturday night, this is what I’d be serving up…  Read more »

little trees + big trees: broccoli soup

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.  Our bellies and hearts were very full this year.  We hosted a disproportionately large feast with just our little family and my parents.  It was what holiday dreams are made of… lounging on the couch between courses of carbohydrate-laden food, hanging with the fam, sipping wine, [...] Read more »

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