heirloom tomato platter

The next two posts will feature the reigning queen of New Jersey farm stands, and perhaps, the most notable variety of Jersey fresh produce: the gorgeous and flavorsome "Jersey" tomato.  As I made my way through the market this week, a spectrum of sun-ripened heirloom varieties in assorted shapes and sizes danced out of the farmer's crates, flaunting their bold colors like proud peacocks, and instantly winning a place in my basket.  When tomatoes are this fresh, local, and ripe, I prefer to take a "no fuss, no muss" approach and showcase them in their natural juicy state.   Read more »

sweet pea & basil soup

  This time, we've gone too far....  The past few months, beginning with our jaunt in Argentina, series of weddings and parties sandwiched in between, and, most recently, our food adventure in Montreal, we've been over-luxuriating in the food and libation department.  With each bender, the pounds on the scale creeping up ever so slowly, muscle tone softening, and the awareness that our bodies are not functioning at 100%.  With that in mind, I made the decision it was time to get back to basics, give the body a reboot, per se, and pulled up an old GOOP newsletter  I had set aside with a seven-day detoxification diet Read more »

zucchini parmesan & panko battered zucchini flowers

My "plan" for this weekend's post vanished into thin air after an unplanned stroll through Asbury Park's farmer's market Saturday morning.  I normally pick up my produce at the market around the corner from my office, about an hour away, but, sadly, have yet to check out the one in my own backyard.  Though smaller in scale, this market did not disappoint.  Several farmers had tables set up with all of the Garden State goodies you could dream up:  sweet corn, peaches, blueberries, squash, kale, and early tomatoes.  We ended up taking home some gargantuan zucchinis, zucchini flowers, and fuzzy yellow peaches. Read more »

pesto grilled chicken stacks

Happy 4th of July!  It’s been a whirlwind, yet wonderful, couple of weeks for Joe and I, and I’ve been anxiously waiting to get behind the keyboard and share a long overdue post on the good old Karma Cucina site. Read more »