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I just returned from Argentina – one of the most tremendous voyages that Joe and I have taken together to date -and could not be any more ecstatic to share the beauty of the country and cuisine with my fellow food-lovers.  The journey was extraordinarily inspirational to me on both a spiritual and a culinary level.  The common thread between the people we encountered was a simple lifestyle and more specifically, a lifestyle that clearly exuded passion- whether that was passion for growing grapes or olives, making wine, or living off the land.  They didn’t seem caught up in the day-to-day ultimately inconsequential matters and stressors that take years off our lives here in the US and in most Westernized industrialized nations.  Instead, they were connected with each other and the land.

The same simplicity was also evident in Argentine cuisine.  Their dishes exhibited a profound respect for every ingredient involved and let each one shine.  The key to the cuisine seemed to be in their approach:  fresh whole foods of first class quality in classic combinations that work well.  So, while each dish may not have been an Iron Chef-level gastronomic experience, as they were only composed of five or fewer common ingredients, we were consistently overwhelmed by the ferocity of flavor.  In fact, we were oft surprised that so few ingredients could result in such comforting and amazing meals time after time.  As I return to my own kitchen, I find myself inspired beyond belief and hope to remain cognizant of this most successful style of cooking when creating my own dishes.

When the inquiries come in upon return from a trip like this, I have a difficult time expressing in words what I experienced and what the trip meant to me.  In fact, I’m pretty confident my words would do little justice describing the magnificent beauty that the land, people, and animals of Argentina showed us.  “Read” the photos below for our story and feel free to comment.  I welcome the opportunity to ramble and share more details of our voyage to anyone that is interested…

Also, fresh new post coming your way next week!


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  1. Ted says:

    … I wanna go to Argentina! These are really good, Alyssa!

    • KarmaCucina says:

      …And I want to go back already!!! Let me know if you ever make it there and I’ll give you the goods on ARG!

  2. Leslie Eaton says:

    Welcome home! and thank you for sharing your photo journal documenting your wonderful trip!!! gorgeous!!!…glad to have you back as i selfishly missed your weekly postings :P.
    favorite pics: joe on the bike and you in the basket….each with your own bottle. and….the 2 of you at the end of the table taking a nice break…sweet.

  3. Joshua says:

    Great photos
    You know, keeping the ingredients list down to five is not that bad of and idea. Most italian cooking is a simple expression of great ingredients. And how many of us can really taste more than five flavours at once. But if those five are amazing…..

  4. Claudie says:

    I’m so jealous (in a good way)! I’m right now in Mexico since I didn’t make it to Argentina this year, but just came back tonight from an Argentinian restaurant tonight, and I am soooo determined to get there in 2012. It’s just a dream.
    I really love your photos by the way. It looks like you had a great time, which only makes me dream even more about Argentina!

    • KarmaCucina says:

      Thanks, Claudie! I hope you enjoyed Mexico. It sounds like you’re determined to make it to Argentina – hopefully my photos helped add to that motivation! Definitely reach out to me when you do book your trip and I’d be happy to share some travel advice! CHEERS


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