lemon + kale salad

Distance makes the heart grow fonder... If that's the case, I bet you're very fond of me. I got lost somewhere between the holidays, a baby with a bug, and plain old life the past month or so. It's not to say I don't make time to cook, because I'm probably doing more of that than ever; just not finding those precious hours I used to put my blog posts together. Read more »

carrot-ginger dressing

Seriously, if I actually made half of the things that I bookmark or print from the Internet or tear out of a magazine, I would be cooking 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. And, that really doesn't sound too terrible when I think about it. It's just that little thing called my day job always interfering with my cooking habit... if only work didn't get in the way of play! I would hands down prefer to be in my kitchen all day manufacturing culinary nirvana than commuting to my day job as a cubicle monkey. [sigh] But, the latter pays the bills... Read more »

strawberry salad with herbed goat cheese

"Last call for strawberries!"  Hand painted, pick-your-own signs flood the winding country roads I drive to work every day, as the local farmer makes a last ditch effort to promote his latest bounty before the strawberry season winds down and makes way for blueberries to take center stage. In my recent Strawberry Crumbles post, I highlighted the sweet seductiveness a few simple ingredients and an oven can derive from this wondrous fruit.  Yet, true to form, one bout with these berries just wasn't enough.  Spellbound by their deep ruby hue, I could not walk away from the berry patch without one more loving nod while they are flush with color and at the pinnacle of their seasonal glory. Read more »

mediterranean couscous

At last,  the Northeast weather finally caught up with the season and the frost blanketing Asbury Park has thawed.  The boardwalk is filled with runners stripped of their fleece hats and gloves, Ocean Avenue is paved with leather-clad bikers out for a joyride, and the beaches are sprinkled with the die-hard sunworshippers paying homage to their long lost friend. Spring at the Jersey shore is a cherished time to me, but I speculate it’s especially welcome by the broader population, as well, after this year’s frigid and tumultuous winter. It means Havaianas, rolled up jeans, and tank tops every day from now until it’s officially summer.  It means loading up the cooler for beach side picnics, consistently perfect running weather (not too hot, not too cold),  and late Sunday afternoons on the sand long after the daytrippers peel out. Read more »

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