karmacucina’s getting a makeover

Greetings my lovelies!  Every year around this time when it starts to get cold and dark out and chatter erupts about the upcoming holiday season, we all wonder where the last year has gone.  Time always flies, and the “less young” I get, the faster it seems to fly.

I’m talking about life in general, but more specifically, I’m talking about the passing of one entire year since I started this blog!  Wow, I really can’t believe it’s been an entire year of sharing my favorite recipes and, best of all, interacting with all of you!  One of the reasons I started this journey is because I love food (no surprise there!) and I love to share it with people.  Food is one of those things in life which delivers more pleasure as the number of people sharing it increases.  It’s kind of like Metcalfe’s Law for technology, but applied to food.  Metcalfe’s Law states, simply, that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of users in that network.  But I digress (and geek out!), so let’s get to the point.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of KarmaCucina, I have re-designed the blog to make it more visually appealing, easier to navigate, and most of all, easier to interact with.  So, beginning today, I will be using my new and exciting design.  I’m sure you’ll love it!  Don’t worry – the website address is still the same and you’ll still continue to receive your email and Twitter updates.  We’ve just grown out of the basic site and into a shiny new big-girl site.

There are some other additions too, which I’m sure you’ll find fun.  We’re launching our very own Facebook Fan page!  I want to bring some of the conversation over to Facebook because it’s a very casual, informal platform where we can discuss food, recipes, and other related topics, and you can ask me those burning questions you may have.  But watch out – I’ll be asking you some questions too!  I’m really looking forward to the great convos we’ll be having on the old “book of faces.”

I’m also planning some giveaways on the blog.  The first one is a huge book called Food Journeys of a Lifetime.  Joe and I plan our world travels around this book and we hope that it inspires one of you to do the same.  Stay tuned for the contest over the next month.  I’ll announce it on all of our platforms, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook so you can stay up to date.

As you can see by all of this, my goal is to encourage even more interaction on KarmaCucina and take this blog to the next level.  You and I have had some great interactions this past year.  Now, with the help of social media, I’m hoping you also have conversations with each other, so we can all learn from and inspire one another.

Of course none of this would be possible without the support of you, my incredible readers.  You are the reason I continue to write this blog, cook all day, and take hundreds and thousands of pictures.  I am so grateful for all of your comments, feedback, and just the fact that you area actually reading what I write and cooking what I cook.  So, thank you.  I am very appreciative of and humbled by this community.

That’s all for today.  Stay tuned for my next post and I look forward to our continued journey together.


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  1. Geri DeGennaro says:

    Great page, great family pictures!

  2. Julie says:

    LOVE the new format! and of course, the pictures. damn, this year has flown by!!!! congrats on your 1-year anniversary and cheers to many, many more!!!

    • KarmaCucina says:

      Thanks for the support and feedback! Time does fly… In the words of Ferris Bueller: ‘Life moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!'”

  3. Joe says:

    These food collages are just ridiculous! I am one lucky man for having the pleasure of eating all of this (and more) in the past year. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I think my job as the official Karma Cucina taste-tester and sous chef ranks pretty high on the “Best Places to Work” list!

    Cheers to a fantastic year and an even bigger and better 2012 🙂

    • KarmaCucina says:

      Wow… My number one cheerleader 🙂 I seriously do not think I would have made it this far without your sous chef, taste-testing and dishwasher abilities! Lucky girl…

  4. Sarah says:

    Congrats, Alyssa!! Keep up the good work!

    • KarmaCucina says:

      Thanks, Sarah! The best part about doing this is it’s the furthest thing from work… I truly love it. Thanks for reading : )

  5. Ed Mutch says:

    The new layout is great.
    Do you have any recipes using lambs quarters?

    • KarmaCucina says:


      Well, I must say, I had to google “lambs quarters” because I thought you were referring to a cut of meat. Apparently, this is a leafy green with attributes of a wild spinach. I can’t say I’ve ever tried it, but if it is similar to spinach, I would probably prepare it the same way: saute some minced garlic over low heat until soft in extra virgin olive oil and then cook the greens quickly in the pan. Season to taste w/ salt and pepper. Let me know how you make out! Better yet, let me know where you find these things in Jersey!


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