pork fried (cauli) rice

Happy New Year!  The last few weeks I’ve been MIA due to the holidays, a blizzard, tending to a sick kiddo and, finally, attempting to get back in the swing of things in 2018.  I sometimes think I prefer the excitement of an unpredictable day or week… until there have been weeks of it.  Read more »

little trees + big trees: broccoli soup

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.  Our bellies and hearts were very full this year.  We hosted a disproportionately large feast with just our little family and my parents.  It was what holiday dreams are made of… lounging on the couch between courses of carbohydrate-laden food, hanging with the fam, sipping wine, [...] Read more »

blackberry+lemon bran muffins

Sorry, I've been AWOL.  A few big changes are in the works personally that have kept me away from blogging, but hopefully all will be sorted out soon... In the meantime, has the color red caught your eye this month?  Maybe you noticed a co-worker sporting a red sweater or little crimson ribbons pinned onto handbags and clothing.  Well, it's not in celebration of our favorite Hallmark holiday, but instead, in spirit of the American Heart Association's  campaign for American Heart Month.  Their annual crusade to raise heart health awareness is in full swing this February and with good reason:  More women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined.  Unreal.  Considering I always associated heart attacks with middle-aged men, this statistic was a moment of reckoning. Read more »

karmacucina’s getting a makeover

Greetings my lovelies!  Every year around this time when it starts to get cold and dark out and chatter erupts about the upcoming holiday season, we all wonder where the last year has gone.  Time always flies, and the "less young" I get, the faster it seems to fly. Read more »

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