a [cinna]bun in the oven

First, I'd like to wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!  It's January again, the month where we gladly, or reflectively,  bid adieu to the past year and anything about it we weren't necessarily pleased with.  It's a time for resolution and a time for change.  In my case, it's a time for the biggest change in my life and about time I make a little confession to you, my readers, concerning a sensational secret I've been keeping the past five months:  there's a bun in the oven.  And, I'm not just talking about one of these ooey gooey buns that you're looking at above, but an equally sweet little baby that we are expecting this spring.   I'm not quite sure how I've kept it from you so long, as it's been the biggest thing going on in my life and, quite frankly, we're absolutely over the moon with excitement and anticipation. Read more »

apple cranberry oatmeal bake

abhor daylight savings.  The whole idea of it is absolutely maddening!  It's been well over a week since we rolled the clocks back and, still, I can't quite get used to my sunset ride home from work at 4:30PM.  My formerly cheery windows and sliders that soaked up the blazing afternoon sun are now eclipsed with inky black sky by 5:30PM.  The days are shorter and I'm in vitamin D withdrawal.  It's no wonder people get SAD... Read more »

whole wheat apple ring pancakes

Apples are abundant, my food-loving friends, and, while they are quite delicious in their crispy "au naturel" form, they only get better when heated through in a warm oven or over a hot stove.  Toss with some complimentary seasonal spices and you have the essence of Fall.  Any way you slice them, any time of year, the harmonious balance of sweet and tart that lies within a apple is simply one of my most beloved flavors. Read more »

irene and the staff of life

Irene's long gone, but her crippling effects made quite an impression on the East Coast this past weekend.  For some people it meant good surf or more time to putz around in the kitchen.  For others it meant great loss.  My thoughts are with the latter and I pray that as they piece their homes and lives back together, they will eventually bear some semblance of that which was. Read more »

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