cauliflower + pecorino soup

A couple of winters ago, I was making a cauliflower Parmesan soup at least twice a month; in retrospect, it was something like a hot and heavy winter "food fling." Week after week, I would shear those little white trees from the stalk and toss them into the pot before ultimately pureeing into oblivion. The soup's silky texture and subtle cheese flavor completely distracted me from the fact that, while it was rich tasting, there was no heavy cream and it was actually on the light side. No wonder, I couldn't get enough. However, all some good things come to an end, and, once summer came, we went our separate ways and I moved onto cooler things like gazpacho. Our breakup was pretty abrupt and I never even bothered to enter the recipe in my little black book - or pin it. No pinterest two years ago! What kind of world were we living in in 2011? Read more »