mo’s buffalo wings

Are you ready for some football food? I am! And, if you can't be at the game tailgating with some chili, I'd venture to guess the next best thing is cozying up to your favorite spot on the couch in your softest sweatpants with a pile of these. One of Joe's oldest and best friends, Ryan (a.k.a Ry-Mo or Mo), was visiting Jersey this summer and hosted a barbecue at his mom's house. That's when my mouth first made contact with these sweet, spicy, smokey, tender chicken wings that instantly became my favorite new play on the traditional buffalo wing. Read more »

salty chocolate chunk + pecan cookies

During a brief chat with the husband at work yesterday, I discovered that his co-workers picked up some dessert to celebrate his birthday. "Oh, that's so nice, honey," is what said. "Shit," is what I thought. I remembered the presents, the card, the birthday breakfast, but somehow forgot a sweet little something to stick a candle in. Co-workers 1 - Wife 0. I really need to step up my game in life. Read more »