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Howdy, folks! I write today's post from my new home and, I must say, it's refreshing to say that and mean it for the first time. Joe and I have been in our new place for a couple weeks now, but it hasn't quite felt like a home, per se. After living in our previous condo for four years and transitioning into something else, I felt like I was in some sort of in between state of dwellings, almost like residential purgatory. My old home wasn't mine anymore - all of our things were gone and we were signing it over to someone new. Yet, putting all of our possessions into this new place didn't make me feel like it belonged to me either. There were still pieces of the other family who lived here - a few scratches on the floor from their dog, their choice of paint colors, etc.... So even though I was in my same bed, under the same covers, the first few nights were spent sleepless and tossing and turning. I began to wonder - Did we make a mistake?  Would I ever get a good night's sleep again?  Was I just an imposter trying to take over someone else's home? Read more »

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We're up to our necks in cardboard and bubble wrap, the baby's furniture is finally ordered, and I'm coordinating with movers, utility companies, and our Realtor left and right.  I guess you could say I've had a productive week and Lord knows I need to be, with the impending changes that are on the horizon.  That's right, changes are a comin'...   Read more »