turkey stuffing

Happy almost-Thanksgiving!  Are you starting to fee l the holiday season among us?  I am...  This weekend I got my first real taste of it when I pulled a little Frank from Old School action.  Yeah, that's right.  I had a "pretty nice little Saturday" domestic diva style:  Home Depot, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and even some grocery shopping at Shop-Rite.  Less than ten minutes into my journey, I realized I was sorely mistaken for making this (mis)adventure out.  Who was I kidding trying to run errands on a late November Saturday afternoon?  Crowds have amassed at the grocery store in search of yams, cranberries, and Butterballs and the roads are inundated with cars as desperation takes hold of shoppers bouncing from strip mall to strip mall in search of the perfect gift...  Ahh, 'tis the season to be merry, right?  Personally, it makes me want to hibernate at home, do all of my shopping online, and map out an underground tunnel to get to and from the grocery store unscathed during the pre-dawn hours... Read more »

apple cranberry oatmeal bake

abhor daylight savings.  The whole idea of it is absolutely maddening!  It's been well over a week since we rolled the clocks back and, still, I can't quite get used to my sunset ride home from work at 4:30PM.  My formerly cheery windows and sliders that soaked up the blazing afternoon sun are now eclipsed with inky black sky by 5:30PM.  The days are shorter and I'm in vitamin D withdrawal.  It's no wonder people get SAD... Read more »

broccoli rabe with raisins and pine nuts

If you are a little standoffish about broccoli rabe, you are not alone.  Broccoli rabe, also known as rapini, is notorious for its characteristically "bitter" taste.  While this is something that has never discouraged me, it certainly turns a lot of people off from even trying this veggie.  If you are one of those people, I hope this is the recipe that changes that for you. Read more »

turkey chili

Tailgating, watching the football game at home, or, forget football, maybe you're just lamping out on the couch catching up on your back-logged DVR?  Whatever your "Sunday fun-day" revolves around, this hearty chili should be your sidekick.  Joe stumbled upon this recipe one Fall weekend a couple years ago and it's the only chili we've bothered with since.  Infused with the smokey and fiery tones of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and a robustly flavored Mexican lager, it's a surefire way to take the chill out of the blustery days ahead.  Plus, have you noticed all of the colorful garnishes on top?  From green onions to jack cheese to avocado, there are endless directions you can take this dish. Read more »