whole grain apple crisp

My money's on the hypothesis that Eve would have tempted Adam a little quicker had she served up some of this warm apple crisp with a healthy dollop of vanilla ice cream...  There's something about this rustic fall dessert that makes you feel like everything's going to be okay.  It's a warm embrace on a crisp fall day and, as far as I'm concerned, the epitome of dessert comfort food. Read more »

chicken with artichokes and tomatoes

Last week it dawned on my that I haven't shared a main meal in a long time; maybe you were even beginning to think that we survived on apple ring pancakesfig tarts, and fiesta corn dip alone?  Hardly.  Though, that would be an interesting experiment...  I guess when it comes down to it,  I'm more inclined to post baked goods, apps, and breakfasts, as they are what I experiment with most during my free time on the weekends.  However, the other days of the week, I am part of a working household that tries to juggle careers, fitness goals, social lives, and, frankly, sanity.  On those five nights that I cook dinner after work, the objective usually revolves around creating something tasty with minimal mess and time.  Read more »

whole wheat apple ring pancakes

Apples are abundant, my food-loving friends, and, while they are quite delicious in their crispy "au naturel" form, they only get better when heated through in a warm oven or over a hot stove.  Toss with some complimentary seasonal spices and you have the essence of Fall.  Any way you slice them, any time of year, the harmonious balance of sweet and tart that lies within a apple is simply one of my most beloved flavors. Read more »

homemade ricotta

Memory is ultra selective.  What differentiates the things we remember versus the things that fall through the cracks?  I'm often dumbfounded as I listen to friends recount detailed stories wherein I was one of the main characters, but all I can recall is a foggier picture of that same tale.  [And, I know what you're thinking, so let me pre-empt you:  Alcohol was not involved in the majority of these "memories."]  After reflecting on this for a while, I began to think that maybe that's why I feel the need to document every moment of this life with photographs. Read more »