frittata, father’s day, and the e street sadness

Greetings food lovers!  Today’s post will be is a little "all over the place," but a lot went on this past weekend and I want to graze over a few of the happenings in both words and photos. Read more »

strawberry salad with herbed goat cheese

"Last call for strawberries!"  Hand painted, pick-your-own signs flood the winding country roads I drive to work every day, as the local farmer makes a last ditch effort to promote his latest bounty before the strawberry season winds down and makes way for blueberries to take center stage. In my recent Strawberry Crumbles post, I highlighted the sweet seductiveness a few simple ingredients and an oven can derive from this wondrous fruit.  Yet, true to form, one bout with these berries just wasn't enough.  Spellbound by their deep ruby hue, I could not walk away from the berry patch without one more loving nod while they are flush with color and at the pinnacle of their seasonal glory. Read more »

seafood & herb linguine

Pasta in the summer?  How will I ever squeeze my ample bottom into that cute little two-piece?  Perhaps a little Crisco and a shoehorn.  I kid, I kid... Today's feature is a relatively new family favorite that my father discovered a few summers ago when he went on a cooking tear. Read more »