cilantro-honey roasted butternut squash

Butternut squash is one of winter's greatest bounties. Its nutrition laden insides hide beneath a drab, tough, creamy-beige skin. But don't judge a book by its cover. Read more »

get your gaucho on!

In celebration of the recent booking of our upcoming holiday in Argentina, I have prepared a mouthwatering skirt steak topped with a super fresh and tasty chimchurri sauce.  I suspect that upon our return, I might have a few pointers from the locals to share with you and a more authentic recipe.  For now, I'm sticking with a tried and true favorite from Weber's Real Grilling cookbook.  We've made this recipe oodles of time over the past couple years and it's a surefire hit when we have company over.  Just be prepared for the garlicky aftermath lingering on your breathe and certain to loom for hours after consumption.  Don't fret, my friends, this concoction is certainly worth it.   And, hey, if everyone's eating the same thing, who's really going to care about a little garlic breath? Read more »

mediterranean grilled caesar salad

Regardless of what kind of restaurant I'm dining in, I love to enjoy Caesar salad for my second course.  I've sampled many varieties, but the one that has struck me the most in recent years is the Black Trumpet's Grilled Caesar.  The Trumpet nailed the dressing with it's creamy texture and ideal balance of cheese and lemony tang.  However, they also managed to successfully execute a twist on this salad favorite without losing the classic integrity of the dish.  A romaine heart is presented slightly charred with a drizzling of dressing and a side of kalamata olives, toasted pine nuts, and red pepper relish.  The texture and savory notes of these additions boost the salad from a simple side to a main dish that can hold its own. Read more »

om nom bombs: goodness gracious, great balls…

So many cookbooks, so little time...  I'm a self-admitted cookbook enthusiast with an insatiable appetite for both the classics and avant-garde. I collect volume upon volume and liken each book to a piece of art:  the author, the artist; the book, a masterpiece composed of different photos and recipes.  Each of them:  inspiring. Read more »

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